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For The Happy Bundles,  the Follow Up Sessions are monthly or quarterly per your preference.
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Have you ever spent a quiet afternoon at home, perhaps watching TV or lounging in your backyard, and felt as though something was off? This feeling often comes for no apparent reason, and it can be felt at home, the office, and pretty much anywhere else that you spend time throughout your day. This “off” feeling can present itself as a general uneasiness, spells of what feels like bad luck, and even the feeling of being watched. Many of us experience this feeling and it could often be due to stagnant and negative energies that are present around us. These energies could have been brought by someone else or they could have been present in the location long before you were. While it may sound outlandish, energy can actually remains stagnant for hundreds of years, if not longer. Things could have occurred in the past, and the energy that remains can have large and detrimental effects on you today.

For this service, I will energetically assess your home, office, or any land/location you require. With the guidance and support provided to me by my Spirit Guides, I will clear what does not belong to this plane and will ensure that any energy not benefiting your Highest Good is transformed to light or transitioned into a positive state.



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Energy Healing:

Follow Up Session (1- 1 ½ hours), Initial Clearing Session (1 ½ – 3 hours)

Happy Bundles - Energy healing:

1. Initial Clearing + 1 Follow Up, 2. Initial Clearing + 3 Follow Up Sessions, 3. Initial Clearing + 6 Follow Up Sessions


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