Sacred Geometry Energy Healing

We are all energy, everything around us is energy! It is still difficult for most people to comprehend  that our body is pure energy, vibrant and resilient creation. Our physical body emits frequency known as electromagnetic waves. When our body is healthy, it emits frequency of harmonious movement of energy, thus all the cells in the body communicate effectively and efficiently.
When the flow of frequency  is disrupted, our cells communication is compromised making them vulnerable leading to disfunction and disease. 
Through energy healing, elevation and synchronization of the body’s vibrational frequencies, an attuning of the electromagnetic fields to assist you back to balance and wholeness within, enhancing all aspects of you- physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual is done. 
In addition, clears energy blocks and stagnant energy that can hold you back from making progress in emotional, financial, spiritual goals. An open flow of energy throughout the body is the key in unlocking the body’s ability to self-heal.

How does energy healing work?

The Energy Healing triggers your innate healing ability and helps bring the wholeness and harmony back into your body  by balancing the electromagnetic fields and the cellular structure.

Who can benefit from energy healing session?

These sessions are intented for everyone. Anyone who is going through emotional or mental difficulties, has been diagnosed with a physical disease, or is experiencing physical discomfort can benefit from these services.

Spiritual Individuation

Spiritual Integration is a process that aims at unifying the physical and spiritual parts of an individual human being and assist them on their journey to become whole. This unification is the foremost task of any human being as focusing only on one part of our being and neglecting the other, makes for an unsatisfactory life spent on earth.


How does Spiritual Integration healing work?

While Energy Healing focuses on human body electromagnetic fields, balance/ imbalance and energy blocks, Spiritual Integration emphasizes integration of body, mind and spirit, that are often times disconnected from each other. Simply put, Spiritual Integration restores harmony between body, mind, and spirit.

Who can benefit from spiritual integration healing session?

These sessions are intented for everyone. Anyone who is going through any physical, emotional, and/or mental difficulties may benefit from these services.

Home/ Business/ Land Clearance

Have you ever spent a quiet afternoon at home, perhaps watching TV or lounging in your backyard, and felt as though something was off? This feeling often comes for no apparent reason, and it can be felt at home, the office, and pretty much anywhere else that you spend time throughout your day.


This “off” feeling can present itself as a general uneasiness, spells of what feels like bad luck, and even the feeling of being watched. Many of us experience this feeling and it could often be due to stagnant and negative energies that are present around us.

These energies could have been brought by someone else or they could have been present in the location long before you were. While it may sound outlandish, energy can actually remains stagnant for hundreds of years, if not longer. 

Clearing and Healing of Animals

Animals have the same energetic qualities as people do. While animals may not require the same type of healing as people, they still feel emotions and are susceptible to much of what humans are as well. The energy will find its way to where it is needed and will heal what needs to be healed. 

Since animals cannot verbally communicate with you, it is very important to pay attention to your pet’s behavior and actions after their session. Depending on the condition/issue the animal has, some will display immediate changes in behavior and others may require subsequent sessions. 

For this service, I practice the Quantum Touch modality, which allows for either in person or remote healing sessions.

Vaccine Clearing

A scan of your physical and energetic body will be preformed for signs and symptoms of adverse reactions from the vaccine.  Next, clearing and neutralization of the symptoms will be initiated.

 During this session, clearing and alignment of the energy centers will be performed as well.

Custom made energy charged mandalas

It is with great pleasure I offer you custom made mandalas, made especially for you. My spiritual awakening led me to a lot of beautiful things, one of my favorites being the art of mandalas. Each mandala is tailored to the individual person, with energies that their body specifically needs. 

 I choose the colors by connecting to the client’s energetic body, where I am able to perceive what aspects require healing and then choose the colors that will facilitate this healing. Once the colors are chosen, each mandala is hand-made using a “free dot” technique. While creating the mandala, I connect to a higher power and through me, the mandala is infused with the healing energy you specifically need.

The mandala is not only a great piece of art to be displayed at home, but also a meaningful and beautiful gift for anyone. The energy infused into the mandala is always active, powerful, and projecting its healing properties onto you.