Vaccine Clearing

For All New Appointments We Offer A Free 30 Minute Consultation.
For All Happy Bundles, the Follow Up Sessions Are Once Per Month.
Please Refer to New Patients Section for FAQ.

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Times are in Los Angeles/California



A scan of your physical and energetic body will be preformed for signs and symptoms of adverse reactions from the vaccine. Next, clearing and neutralization of the symptoms will be initiated. During this session, clearing and alignment of the energy centers will be performed as well.


Additional information

Energy Healing:

Follow Up Session (1- 1 ½ hours), Initial Clearing Session (1 ½ – 3 hours)

Happy Bundles - Energy healing:

1. Initial Clearing + 1 Follow Up, 2. Initial Clearing + 3 Follow Up Sessions, 3. Initial Clearing + 6 Follow Up Sessions


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