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Energy healing: Follow Up Session (1- 1 ½ hours)

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We all are energy, energetic beings having human experiences. Everything around us is energy as well. Every cell of our physical body has an energy center called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), what does this make us? We all have channels/meridians throughout our physical bodies which allow for the flow of energy, both into and out of the body. This flow of energy is necessary and vital for the holistic functioning of every human being.

With that said, our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and words carry energy as well. We are all exchanging energy with one another, be it by direct contact or subconsciously, all the time. Not only do we mingle our energy with others, but we also absorb it. These absorbed energies can be positive, but can also be negative. This negative energy can come from someone close, such as your parents or spouse. It can also come from someone you don’t even know, like a stranger cutting you off in traffic or something you saw on television. A part of this energy is stuck with you, and it has been with you all this time, piling up, and obstructing the natural flow of the energy in your body.

Imagine a puddle that has been filled with dirty water. What would happen in this puddle if you kept pouring in more dirty water while obstructing its flow? Would it become cleaner? Would it be able to sustain life? Many people find themselves in situations where their bodies and minds have become like this puddle. Our goal here is to turn the body and mind into a river. In a river, everything flows, and it’s this flow that maintains a clean and ideal environment for us to thrive in. When our mind is a puddle, it is the negative energy, our own and others’, that cause our diseases and emotional difficulties. The reason that our mind is like a puddle and not a river is because we have obstructed its natural flow, making it impossible to grow and live to our highest potential. Some examples of negative energy are fear, stress, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy, feelings of low self-esteem, and unworthiness. Unless this energy is cleared, problems and patterns will continue to occur.

Energy healing is a holistic/alternative healing modality. The main goal is restoring positivity and removing negativity. In this modality, the practitioner, through their connection with Divine Energy and with use of Sacred Geometry, is able to access and perceive your energetic body and to assess and clear your energy centers from blocks that prevent you from accessing your Higher Self and elevated state of consciousness. The practitioner also clears karma from past lives, emotions due to trauma, and barriers of experiencing love. Through energy healing, positive states of compassion, gratitude, inspiration, health, abundance, wholeness, trust, and liveliness can be rediscovered. Energy healing is similar to minor surgery, after the removal of the energetic blocks and cords that have been with you for a long time, your body will go through an acclimation and adjustment period. During this period, you may experience states of elevated emotions, fatigue, and irritability. You may also experience the resurfacing of old memories, emotions, and feelings. They are resurfacing to be acknowledged, accepted, and released. Do not resist this as you have done in the past and let them go. As your energetic body is being cleared of the heavy weight you have carried around, your physical body will follow and you may experience signs of purging such as vomiting, diarrhea, or headaches. This is because the body must purge the old and to integrate the new energy. This period is called “lag” time and it is different for everyone. For some, it can be between 1 and 3 days, and for others, it can be between 1-3 weeks. Our physical bodies have not been created to accommodate and utilize the higher frequencies used throughout the healing session which is why lag time occurs. You must be open, loving, and compassionate with yourself during this period. Hydration and rest are vital during this time. Be aware of the changes happening to you, within you, and around you in the following days.

The upcoming days and weeks after the healing will be eventful. Things will start to move much faster for you and old patterns and habits will soon start to diminish. New opportunities will present themselves and people that no longer serve your Higher good will distance themselves. You will start noticing synchronicities and you will make new realizations. Sometimes it may feel a bit too fast, but it is expected and a part of the healing process.

Energy Healing is not a quick fix or a magic trick. It takes hard work and commitment to self-improvement and change. For chronic conditions, more than one session might be necessary, as there are limits of how much energy can be removed and infused at any point in time. Your healing is directly correlated to your openness, your awareness, and your decision to welcome and embrace a new life.


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Energy Healing:

Follow Up Session (1- 1 ½ hours), Initial Clearing Session (1 ½ – 3 hours)


  1. Mich

    LOST OF HEARING, SEVERE INFECTION AND EAR PAIN, ” I’m going to come out and say it, But my hearing is back, feels even.”

  2. Cynthia R.

    “Good morning. Do you work with aliens or something of the like, pleiadians? I felt very different energy. It was as my body was morphing but it felt healing and comforting. I felt a lot throughout my whole body but a lot more in my head and feet. Something funny is I had strange sensation in my feet like they were being saitorted but it was ok, safe. I began as I went to bed so I fell asleep after may be 5 minutes. I woke up feeling good.”

  3. Rali

    “I feel amazing! Last night I cried a 2 more times but it was happy tears and smiling… I slept amazing and feel so good today and very happy. I can’t even explain it!!! thank you a million times for sharing your gift and helping us through this.”

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