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Galya Angelova - D&A Energy Healing

Hi, my name is Galya Angelova 

About Me

Who am I? I am an energy healer, quantum touch healer, mediumistic, spiritual integrator, spiritual surgery facilitator, all levels of intuitive empath, happy, healthy, confident, trusting and abundant woman, part time registered nurse, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother of two, mandalas creator, mediation lover, 6 years pharmaceutical free body and mind… but I want to share with you who I WAS and how I got here.

Sacred Geometry Energy Healing

Energy Healing focuses on the energy found at the cellular and DNA level, on the energetic centers within the body, known as chakras, and the energetic fields surrounding the physical body, referred to as the aura.

Initial Clearing Session + 1 Follow Up Session  

Spiritual Individuation

Spiritual Integration is a process that aims at unifying the physical and spiritual parts of an individual human being and assist them on their journey to become whole.

Home/ Business/ Land Clearance

Energetically assessing your home, office, land or location you request. Energetic clearance of all that does not belong to and does not benefit your Highest Good is performed. Negative energies are transmuted to high positive vibrations and are transformed into light.

Clearing and Healing of Animals

Animals have the same energetic qualities as people do. While animals may not require the same type of healing as people, they still feel emotions and are susceptible to much of what humans are as well. 

Vaccine Clearing

A scan of your physical and energetic body will be preformed for signs and symptoms of adverse reactions from the vaccine.

Custom Made Energy Charged Mandalas

It is with great pleasure I offer you custom made mandalas, made especially for you. My spiritual awakening led me to a lot of beautiful things, one of my favorites being the art of mandalas.

Contact me for Size, Material and Price.

If you are unsure of which package you will benefit from the most, we will gift you FREE 30 minute consultation. 

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